Make It Personal Workshop 2017 //

That's a wrap for the very first Make It Personal workshop! We celebrated with a one-night-only exhibition at Magic Johnston Cultural Complex with family, friends and drop-ins. Congratulations to all the participants for making nine incredible documentary projects over the past two months. You totally deserve all the praise that came your way last night (and waterfalls of Aldi wine).

Big thanks to:
Raphaela Rosella & Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive / Daniel Boetker-Smith for wonderful guest talks. Heidi Romano & UNLESS YOU WILL for promoting the workshop. CPL Digital - Professional Photographic Printing Lab for prints and Rodney Dekker for photos of the exhibition. 

Most importantly, thank you Morganna Magee for being the most amazingly wonderful and supportive co-teacher. We've got plans afoot to run the workshop again in 2018. Stay tuned!