Thrilled to join Oculi!

Along with Matthew Abbot and John Feely, I've been accepted into Oculi, a collective of Australian documentary photographers with the collective vision 'to expose, exhibit and promote images of contemporary culture in Australia and the surrounding region'.

“Our new inductees represent perhaps, the single, most significant intake of photographers into the ranks of Oculi this decade. Not only have we identified some of the most promising emerging talent in the land, but have positioned ourselves for the years ahead in remaining a relevant and leading force in the contemporary photo-documentary landscape.” Dean Sewell, Oculi Founding Member.

I've always hoped Oculi would be part of my journey with photography, the collective's photographers have shaped my own work over the past six years through their vision, projects and achievements. They have absolutely set the bar high in this country for incredible poetic visual narratives and I am truly honoured to contribute to its new direction.   

Read more about the announcement and get to know Matt and John's incredible work also - really impressed by these two guys and excited to work alongside them.

More about Oculi: