Resist Laughter @ HeadOn Photography Festival, Sydney

Some install photos from my exhibition 'Resist Laughter' at Special Group in Sydney (May 5 - 17, 2017).  Big thank you to: Heidi Romano for curation and design support. Peter Hapzipavlis at The Print Shop @ Photography Studies College, Melbourne (PSC) for your incredible printing expertise and support. The Pool Collective for your mentoring and support via The Pool Grant 2016. HeadOn Photography Festival for including the show as a feature exhibition. And all of the people who shared their story with me for this project. Looking forward to continuing later this year. 

Make It Personal Workshop 2017 //

That's a wrap for the very first Make It Personal workshop! We celebrated with a one-night-only exhibition at Magic Johnston Cultural Complex with family, friends and drop-ins. Congratulations to all the participants for making nine incredible documentary projects over the past two months. You totally deserve all the praise that came your way last night (and waterfalls of Aldi wine).

Big thanks to:
Raphaela Rosella & Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive / Daniel Boetker-Smith for wonderful guest talks. Heidi Romano & UNLESS YOU WILL for promoting the workshop. CPL Digital - Professional Photographic Printing Lab for prints and Rodney Dekker for photos of the exhibition. 

Most importantly, thank you Morganna Magee for being the most amazingly wonderful and supportive co-teacher. We've got plans afoot to run the workshop again in 2018. Stay tuned!


PSC x #Dysturb Workshop

I'm teaching a class at Photography Studies College this semester, co-teaching with the wonderful Bella Capezio. For the first three weeks, students have been learning about the amazing work of photojournalism paste-up crew #Dysturb and yesterday we took to streets of Collingwood to do a massive 10 paste-ups. Really love this way of showing work. 

Everyday Everywhere Instagram account - Guest Curator

I curated the Everyday Everywhere Instagram account last week. I had a lot of fun trawling the images posted each day with #everydayeverywhere and selecting posts that spoke to me both visually and thematically while representing what Everyday Projects is all about.  

"The Everyday Projects uses photography to challenge stereotypes that distort our understanding of the world. We are creating new generations of storytellers and audiences that recognize the need for multiple perspectives in portraying the cultures that define us. "

A few of my selections can be found below, click through to see photographer's instagram profile. 

Thrilled to join Oculi!

Along with Matthew Abbot and John Feely, I've been accepted into Oculi, a collective of Australian documentary photographers with the collective vision 'to expose, exhibit and promote images of contemporary culture in Australia and the surrounding region'.

“Our new inductees represent perhaps, the single, most significant intake of photographers into the ranks of Oculi this decade. Not only have we identified some of the most promising emerging talent in the land, but have positioned ourselves for the years ahead in remaining a relevant and leading force in the contemporary photo-documentary landscape.” Dean Sewell, Oculi Founding Member.

I've always hoped Oculi would be part of my journey with photography, the collective's photographers have shaped my own work over the past six years through their vision, projects and achievements. They have absolutely set the bar high in this country for incredible poetic visual narratives and I am truly honoured to contribute to its new direction.   

Read more about the announcement and get to know Matt and John's incredible work also - really impressed by these two guys and excited to work alongside them.

More about Oculi:



Two uncomfortably familiar but moving essays on photographic life

First, this beautifully written essay by Hanya Yanagihara for The New Yorker discusses the photographer's ability to disappear in order to document. 

"…if love belongs to the poet, and fear to the novelist, then loneliness belongs to the photographer. To be a photographer is to willingly enter the world of the lonely, because it is an artistic exercise in invisibility. …the person with the camera is not hiding but receding. She is willfully removing herself from the slipstream of life; she is making herself into a constant witness, someone who lives to see the lives of others, not to be seen herself."

Read in full here. 

In a similar light, this piece by Ed Kashi for TIME was incredible to read. It's pretty rare to see someone talk about the challenges of the profession with such vulnerability.

"But most of the time I’m alone perfecting my disappearing act. The result is a deep sense of loneliness and abject uncertainty. I have been exposed to pain, suffering, violence and death, the cumulative effects of which have posited me into voids of nothingness more often than I ever could have imagined, and more often than my wife deserves to have to live with."

BTS - VR shoot with World Bank & S1T2

Four countries later, and we're still friends. Amazing working alongside Tom Perry and Kara Mouyis from World Bank, Chris Panzetta & Tash Tan from S1T2, sound recordist the very wonderful Pinkie Sener and cinematographer, Josh Flavell.

Monitoring the hero camera on the 360 degree GoPro rig as it's given the grand tour of an IDP camp in northern Myanmar.

Monitoring the hero camera on the 360 degree GoPro rig as it's given the grand tour of an IDP camp in northern Myanmar.

End of filming in northern Kachin State, Myanmar.

End of filming in northern Kachin State, Myanmar.

Josh & Tash setting up for a shot.

Josh & Tash setting up for a shot.

Ruth. Fixer extraordinaire. Bougainville, PNG.

Ruth. Fixer extraordinaire. Bougainville, PNG.